Benefits of myEoffering

Benefits of myEoffering

Parishioners want to be generous.  But as more of their daily activities involve technology, and fewer of them carry cash and checkbooks, churches make it hard for their members and visitors to give how, when and where they want to.  While envelopes are still the preferred way to give in church environments, electronic giving, or E-Giving, is starting to grow in popularity among parishioners.  While there are many reasons to switch to online giving for your weekly offertory, here are a few benefits of e-giving for your parish.

All parishioners – whether regular members or visitors, and no matter their age — want to feel welcome.  One of the ways parishes do this is by offering a variety of giving options.  Some of your parishioners have been with you for quite sometime, and they have established their giving protocol. Don’t try to change them, try to work with the new members while helping some of the others learn about these new giving opportunities.  These tips will help ensure you have success in seeing the benefits of e-giving.

Who wants the convenience of e-Giving?

One of the misconceptions is that the people who want E-Giving may not be who you think they are. Electronic giving has traditionally been viewed as a way for members to give when they don’t attend mass.  However, many weekly churchgoers also want alternatives, as do visitors, especially during Easter when attendance at services may be as much as 50 percent higher than normal. These visitors tend to give more on average than regular members. They don’t have pledge envelopes and are also more likely to have their smartphone instead of a checkbook. Churches need to offer other ways to give, or risk losing their financial support.

How can Church Budget help?

Church Budget’s e-Giving solutions enable parishioners to donate using the modern, convenient options they prefer.  And, when your parishioners take advantage of electronic giving, your staff receives one detailed contribution report that provides insights into their giving habits and saves hours of processing time. This year, help members fulfill their intentions to give.

myEoffering also offers repetitive giving so you never have to remember to give, even if you don’t make it to mass. Also, the profiles created for each parishioner allow easy to use tracking, contacting and reporting.

Churches need to know how their members feel about giving so they can make informed decisions about their offertory methods to best support their parish. For over 100 years, Church Budget has been the most trusted name in offertory solutions.  As we adapt to the changes in parishioner behavior, allow us to work with you to ensure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to make offertory giving easy for your parishioners.

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