Family Owned

Church Budget Envelope & Mailing Company has been family owned for more than 100 years. From its founding by James A. Pidgeon Sr. in 1917 to its current Catholic leadership, Brooke Pidgeon, the company has operated under the steady leadership of the Pidgeon family.

Scott Smaltz and Brooke Pidgeon

Director of Sales, Scott Smaltz, with Current Catholic Leadership, Brooke Pidgeon

Our Generations

James A. Pidgeon Sr. founded Church Budget Envelope Company on Sugar Tree Alley in Salem, Ohio in 1917. He worked tirelessly through the depression to keep the business above water, relying on the good that can come from an envelope collection system for a church’s budget.

In the early 1930’s, his son, James A. Pidgeon Jr. joined the company to sell calendars, handle and manage envelope sales, deliver envelope sets to customers and pull orders. After the passing of his father in the mid 1950’s, James Jr. took over operations of the business as president and CEO. In 1958, James founded the Church Budget Monthly Mail Co. which developed a system of supplying addressed envelope sets to every member of a church on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. In 1959, the third generation of the Pidgeon family, James, Barry and Michael joined the company.

In the early 1980’s, Barry designed and developed our first mail-back, booklet style envelope. Today, Brooke Pidgeon continues the leadership of the company. The fourth generation of the Pidgeon family began working at the company in the 1980’s. Throughout its history, Church Budget Envelope & Mailing Co. has been committed to outstanding customer service and quality products. For over 100 years, the company has employed more than 100 people from the Salem area to provide offertory solutions for countless churches.

Our Promise

We promise to do all that we can to control our costs. By ensuring our costs are low, we can pass our savings on to you. Our commitment is simple. By providing the best quality offertory products, at the best possible price, we hope to instill the value of sacrificial giving in a new generation.