Save 40% on Your Church Envelopes Instantly

You’re responsible for your church’s financial stability. Your collections should stay with you. You shouldn’t have to pay more for your offertory envelopes to be given more contributions from your parishioners. For over 100 years, Church Budget Envelope has been a family owned business, dedicated to saving churches money by providing financial security through offertory envelopes and other sustainable solutions for parishes across the country.

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  • Save 40% INSTANTLY on your offertory envelope
  • Free customizable designs for your parish
  • Personal Stewardship Advisor dedicated to serving your parish
  • Verification/cleansing of parish addresses reducing undeliverable fees
  • Instant shipping to new parishioners within 48 hours
  • Boxed Sets, Mailback Booklets, Periodic Mailings and more envelope solutions
  • Convenient online giving platform, My E-Offering, for electronic givers
  • Barcoding for accurate and timely recording of contributions

It All Started in a Small Town…

What is the secret? How can Church Budget save so much for so many churches? The technology was created in a building, in the small town of Salem, Ohio. In that building, Church Budget discovered a way to put ink on paper for less than any other company in the world. This technology has not only lowered Church Budget’s consumable costs, but it has also decreased the number of steps it takes to create a finished product. All the people in that building, which had the address of 157, became “witnesses” to a blessing, and it was time to share it with every church. Because of the technological blessings of Witness 157, Church Budget can now offer you the opportunity to make a difference for your church by experiencing:

Guaranteed Savings of at Least 40%

High Quality, Full Color Products

Increased Giving and Attendance

No Long Term Contracts

NCOA Screening to Ensure Accuracy

CASS Certification Delivery Services