Insta-Sets: Order

To order Insta-Sets please CLICK HERE.

INSTA-SETS! are packets of temporary envelopes mailed directly to your new members.

INSTA-SETS! are great for:

  • Sending starter envelopes to new members!
  • Sending replacement envelopes to current members!
  • Any time you need to get envelopes to somebody quickly!

You can send as many INSTA-SETS! as you need, as often as you wish.

*INSTA-SETS! Pricing For Monthly Mail*

Number of Envelopes per Set INSTA-SETS! Price (postage included)
1 – 23 $1.00
24 – 35 $3.00


*INSTA-SETS! Pricing For Box Sets*

$1.00 per Month

*INSTA-SETS! Pricing For Booklets*

$1.00 per Month


Sending INSTA-SETS! is EASY! Just fill out the INSTA-SETS! form, and we take care of the rest.
Weekly envelopes will be printed with your regular weekly design. All other envelopes will be printed with the words “Special Offering for” followed by the envelope description indicated on your dating schedule. Click here to view sample envelopes.

Each set will contain all of the envelopes indicated on your envelope dating schedule, beginning with the current date, up to the date of your next scheduled mailing. Envelopes will be dated according to the dating schedule.

INSTA-SETS! are sent by first-class mail, so they will be delivered quickly. You can order INSTA-SETS! any day of the week, and they will be mailed out no later than the following business day.

A username and password is required to send INSTA-SETS! If you do not have a username and password, please call us at (800)661-4538.

Please Note: Sending INSTA-SETS! to your members does NOT add them to your mailing list. You should add them to your mailing list according to your normal procedure.