Maturing in Worship

Maturing in Worship was designed to help teens understand what Christianity is really about – love. This series is unique in that, each quarter is a mini-series which focus on different themes, but which still fit the overall message of love. In the first quarter we explore how the world got to be in a state of sin, how Jesus’ love for us afforded us the chance at redemption, and what is yet to come. The second quarter focuses more on issues teens face on a daily basis, but still encourage love and kindness in handling those situations. Quarter 3 challenges teens to be a light in the world, to do good, and to be a steward of all of God’s creations. Finally, the fourth quarter encourages daily revival in their personal relationship with Christ.

Maturing in Worship – 1st Quarter

Maturing in Worship – 2nd Quarter

Maturing in Worship – 3rd Quarter

Maturing in Worship – 4th Quarter